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Why Young Seniors Choose Gated Retirement Communities

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Selecting a retirement community where you’ll feel secure and comfortably at home hinges on many factors. If a community that offers upscale amenities and services along with privacy and seclusion fits your needs, a gated community may be the ideal setting for living out your retirement dreams. Many seniors approaching retirement are attracted to the idea of a gated retirement community because of the exclusive lifestyle and security it may afford.  


What is a gated community?

While the attributes of gated communities can vary significantly, two features they all have in common are controlled access and a well-defined enclosed perimeter. In some cases, access is managed by a keypad near an entrance, where residents and visitors enter a code to open a locked automatic gate. Other communities use magnetized keypads or remote controls to operate gates, while still others rely on security staff to regulate residents’ traffic in and out of the community.


Heightened security

An enhanced level of security is generally regarded as the primary advantage of gated communities, which is one reason gated retirement communities are so popular. Residents and their possessions are protected from outsiders, which provides added peace of mind for residents and their families alike.


Exclusivity and privacy

For some, another appealing attribute of a gated retirement community is the privacy the exclusive setting affords to someone who prefers a tastefully reserved retirement. Surrounded by neighbors of like mind who share similar values, it’s easy to settle into a peaceful, well-appointed retirement villa or apartment and begin developing a new social circle that brings an added layer of enjoyment to your retirement years.


Serene setting

You can expect to find reduced vehicle traffic within a gated retirement community, which offers numerous advantages to retirees. The tranquility is often a welcome change for residents who are eager to ease into a slower, quieter stage of life. Controlled traffic also means residents can move more freely on foot throughout the grounds of the community. For example, residents at Winchester Gardens—one of the best gated retirement communities in New Jersey—enjoy an expansive trail system and delight in exploring 37 breathtaking acres within the boundaries of this peaceful Maplewood, New Jersey, gated community.


Luxury senior living

Because the property within gated communities tends to hold value better than ungated property, and because residents of gated communities tend to be of a higher income bracket, gated retirement communities are often also luxury senior living communities.

As such, the elevated amenities within gated retirement communities also tend to appeal to residents with discerning standards. At Winchester Gardens, a regal, two-story Great Hall is surrounded by stunning grounds, which were designed by the same esteemed landscape architects who breathed life into Central Park. The community resembles a fairyland when in full bloom. 

The upscale retirement community also boasts a newly completed state-of-the-art healthcare center on site for the convenience of its residents, and three distinct dining options offer a blend of casual and sophisticated culinary selections. In nearby Maplewood, residents have convenient access to a charming town with ample shopping, cultural, and fine dining experiences.

In addition, Winchester Gardens offers residents multiple avenues for managing their assets to meet personal financial goals, including options that retain liquidity and offer advantages for estate planning. Many residents are also generous donors to the Springpoint Foundation, which provides numerous resources to residents and the community while offering tax advantages to donors.


If a luxury senior living community that prioritizes upscale amenities and privacy sounds like the retirement lifestyle you’ve imagined, make plans to visit the spacious independent living villas and charming apartments at Winchester Gardens.

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