Starting the conversation.

It can be challenging when adult children must start to make decisions that have real consequences for their parents’ future. It’s the kind of role reversal nobody looks forward to. But let’s be clear: This isn’t about putting Mom or Dad in “a home.” This is about finding a community of peers where seniors can enjoy their well-earned retirement without having to worry about unexpected or unplanned care expenses.

Even if everyone agrees that a Life Plan Community like Winchester Gardens is a great option, it’s not always easy to make a decision. We’ve helped many families with sound advice on healthcare, wellness, and financial issues because we’re dedicated to providing good counsel. We’ll suggest options to help you and your parents make well-informed decisions together, no matter what you decide. There’s a wealth of resources on our website, but please feel free to contact us with your questions on any senior care issue.

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Talking with your parents.

Below are some helpful responses to some of the most common reasons your loved one might be hesitant to make a move.

The time to start looking at Life Plan Communities is when your parents are still active and healthy enough to enjoy all the great amenities and activities included as part of the lifestyle. Too often, people decide they’re ready when a health crisis strikes. By that time, they have fewer options—and the choices they do have are more expensive. Our residents will usually tell you, “I wish I’d come here five years ago.” Are your parents ready for fewer household chores and more free time for the things they love? For wonderful dining, new friends, and stimulating fun? The best way to find out is to visit our community to see for themselves. Schedule a personal tour today.

This is one of the most common objections, and it does seem reasonable at first to compare the cost of living in a house that’s paid for versus a Life Plan Community that requires an entrance fee and monthly service fees. However, what is missed in this comparison is that homeownership doesn’t just include the mortgage, property taxes and utility payments. What about lawn care, housekeeping, maintenance, and the cost to renovate when health and safety additions are needed to the home? And that doesn’t even begin to examine the cost of future care, should it be needed. If you really do the math, and you should, a Life Plan Community like Winchester Gardens is a financially sound choice with the added benefit of providing greater social, educational, and enrichment activities.

This is a common concern and is why our communities offer a refundable entrance fee program, so a portion of your parents’ entrance fee is returned to their estate. By moving to a Springpoint community, your parents avoid the devastating financial impact of waiting too long, finding themselves in a health crisis and being forced to spend down life savings to get the care they need. We’re happy to provide details to their financial and estate advisors so they can make plans with confidence.

The process may seem overwhelming, but we can make it easier for your parents with our Move Ahead Program. It includes assistance with downsizing—even helping to donate or sell items and ship heirlooms to family. Our planners can visit their home and help them fit their treasures into a new floor plan that shows their antiques and favorite furniture in a beautiful new light.

Move Ahead helps them find the right real estate agent and stage their home for a successful sale. When it’s time to move, we work with trusted moving partners to pack, ship and unpack everything—seamlessly.

One visit to a Springpoint community will dispel any outdated ideas your parents have about senior living. Our communities are lively places, where people really enjoy life more. Our residents come from all walks of life – teachers, business leaders, engineers, artists, musicians, and veterans – with wonderful friendships to share.

Science has proven that people actually grow stronger and prevent decline when they live in a place that nurtures wellness and social engagement. That’s one reason we invite prospective residents to come for a visit. They can see for themselves what community life has meant to the people who live here. Contact us, we’d be happy to host your parents at our community on a personal tour.

We’d love to host your parents at our community so they can see the benefits for themselves.

So many people tell us that. No parent wants to be a burden to their child, and no child wants to make difficult health decisions for a parent. When your parents choose a community like ours, they gain access to a complete healthcare infrastructure that responds immediately with the right care when you can’t be there. They can relax and enjoy their life, with friends—both neighbors and staff—looking out for them every day. When they have a plan in place, you can have peace of mind, knowing your parents are safe and cared for.

No matter what kind of options your parents may be considering – independent living, personal care or skilled nursing – please bring your questions to us. At Winchester Gardens in Maplewood, NJ, we’re here to help.