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Ways to Improve Spiritual Wellness

A senior woman lying on a blanket in the grass, contemplative.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

At Winchester Gardens, we recognize spirituality as one of the seven dimensions of wellness. The concept of being spiritual may mean something different to all of us, especially since we all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs. Generally speaking, though, it involves seeking a connection to something greater and searching for our own meaning and purpose. When you find spiritual wellness, you find a clear direction in your life and choose actions that reflect your purpose. Of course, because this process is deeply personal, it can look different for everyone.

5 Steps on Your Path to Spiritual Wellness

Let’s take a deeper look at some steps you can take to improve your spiritual life.

  • Pray or Meditate. Depending on whether you identify as religious or non-religious, you might spend time regularly praying or meditating. If you’re new to meditating and would like to learn how to begin, UCLE Health has guided meditations to help. Meditation and prayer are much like relaxation time — set aside a few moments daily to participate in the action of your choosing to keep your mind nurtured and well.
  • Reflect on Your Values. Who are you as a person? What is your meaning in life? How are you using your purpose and values to influence your thoughts and actions? Take some time to reflect on questions like these to enhance your spiritual life.
  • Relax Daily. It’s important for your spiritual wellness to take time for yourself each day, even if it’s only for a few moments. Write down your thoughts in a journal or just sit and contemplate. Allow yourself to take some quality time to connect with your thoughts and feelings to help you find a deeper sense of peace and who you truly are.
  • Explore Your Surroundings. Your spiritual wellness is also impacted by your environmental wellness. When you connect to your surroundings, you can allow it to feed your spiritual side. Resident Amy Lau told us about how she connects with nature right on our campus. “I do a lot of walking, both inside and around the campus, admiring the scenic grounds and the villas with their beautiful green lawns.”
  • Volunteer. Building a relationship with your community is another way to feed your spiritual side, and volunteering is a wonderful way to do that. While it’s just one of many ways to help your community, it gives you an outlet for sharing your talents, which you can feel good about in turn.

Enjoy a Deeply Spiritual Life with Winchester Gardens

Winchester Gardens believes deeply in making spiritual wellness a priority for each resident. Maimuna Slatewala, a resident at Winchester Gardens, lives out her values by helping others in our beautiful community. “I’m a people person and enjoy meeting new people. Together my neighbor and I run the Newcomers Group where we meet once a month to welcome new incoming residents. I enjoy coordinating speakers within the community to meet with new residents and help get them acquainted with all of the services and amenities here at the community. It’s a pleasure to introduce them to community members and show them everything that’s available here. I sit on the Dining Committee and enjoy working on all of the exciting things happening in our new Café. I am also very involved in the Cultural Group.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Winchester Gardens promotes each dimension of wellness, contact us today.

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