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Understanding the Difference: Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

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As you enter your senior years, you also turn over a new leaf. It’s a beautiful season where you can pursue the best things in life with nothing to tie you down. Of course, this also means a new adjustment. Planning for your future is essential to ensure that you can grow as a person in a supportive environment that is able to provide your desired care.

Fortunately, there are many kinds of senior living communities that are created specifically for you and your preferences. The two most popular ones are assisted living and independent living. Let’s get a closer look at these two options to help you see which one works best for you.

Understanding Independent Living

Independent living is designed exclusively for healthy senior adults who are 55 or better. These communities vary widely from apartment-style buildings to one- and two-bedroom apartments. The compact size of these housing arrangements allows you to easily navigate your personal spaces, as well as benefit from reduced maintenance needs.

Here, you can live life to its fullest. The benefit of this type of community is that it is designed with amenities and programs that can help you reach your physical, mental, emotional, and social health goals. For example, Winchester Gardens in Maplewood, New Jersey, offers a variety of conveniences such as an art studio, beauty salon, a private marketplace, and a dining area run by a professional culinary team. Winchester Gardens also has its own health and wellness clinic, a library, a movie theater, and a woodworking shop where one can learn and practice the art of carpentry.

These special areas allow you to connect with the rest of the community, participate in local events, and enjoy educational courses in a group setting.

Understanding Assisted Living

On the other hand, assisted living for seniors is made for those who require some help with their daily living activities. This could include grooming, taking a bath, cooking meals, household chores, and more. These care-centric neighborhoods allow you to get the assistance you need as you move throughout the day. Assisted living also offers 24-hour support, giving you access to care whenever needed.

Your assisted living community will help develop a personalized plan that meets your needs, as well as provide you the freedom to do what you can on your own. Living spaces in these communities are typically apartment-style residences. In some cases, buildings provide their own private sanctuaries with communal areas so you can meet and socialize with the rest of your neighbors.

The Difference Between Assisted Living vs. Independent Living

Both independent and assisted living communities provide housing, support, and amenities to their residents. These are perfect opportunities to downsize, allowing you to live in a home that fits your current lifestyle without the complexities of housekeeping and other chores. You will also be surrounded by a capable team of professionals who will give you the support you need whenever you want it, allowing you to live independently with minimized guidance.

However, there is a notable difference. Independent living is a great option if you don’t require constant health care and can move around freely on your own. On the other hand, assisted living communities are meant for you to enjoy living independently but still offer assistance with daily living activities.

Which One Is the Best for You?

Choose independent living if:

  • You require little to no hands-on care
  • You aim to downsize with comfort and practicality in mind
  • You want to be surrounded by amenities and opportunities to learn, stay inspired, and remain healthy
  • You desire to expand your social connection

Choose assisted living if:

  • You need help with your daily living activities
  • You would benefit from daily assisted support from in-house health aides
  • You relish restaurant-style dining with your neighbors
  • You enjoy scheduled programs within your community

Both assisted and independent living offer great benefits to seniors with varying needs and preferences. Now that you have a good view of both options, it should be easier for you to make an educated selection.

Choose Winchester Gardens

Here at Winchester Gardens, we offer you retirement living amenities that let you live your best life. Focusing on leisure, luxury, and health, we bring you incredible spaces where you can stay inspired, fit and vibrant in your golden years. From our botanically lush grounds, modern fitness center, and the Historic Great Hall at Winchester Gardens, where we host many events, enjoy every second of your life here feeling fulfilled and happy. Call us today!

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