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Top 10 60’s & 70’s Trivia Questions for Seniors

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Remember when trivia nights sparked friendly rivalries and laughter filled the air? At Winchester Gardens, that joyful nostalgia is a vibrant thread woven into our active senior living community.

Take a walk down memory lane with our top 10 senior trivia questions, then learn more about how you can engage in intellectual pursuits, social connection, and endless opportunities to keep your mind and spirit young when you choose to spend your retirement years at Winchester Gardens. 


1.Who sang the unforgettable theme song for “The Brady Bunch”?

a. The Brady Bunch Kids
b. The Monkees
c. The Jackson 5
d. Sherman Hemsley

2. What popular board game featured tiny plastic cars and colorful properties?

a. Monopoly
b. Scrabble
c. Clue
d. Candyland

3. What popular toy introduced in the 1970s featured interlocking plastic bricks that sparked creativity in children and adults?

a. Cabbage Patch Kids
b. Rubik’s Cube
c. Hot Wheels

4. Who was the lead guitarist for The Beatles, known for his distinctive guitar solos and experimental musical contributions?

a. Paul McCartney
b. Ringo Starr
c. George Harrison
d. John Lennon

5. What animated TV series, debuting in 1960, followed the misadventures of a futuristic family living in the space-age city of Orbit City?

a. The Jetsons
b. Scooby-Doo
c. The Flintstones
d. Top Cat

6. What popular dance craze of the 1960s had people twisting their bodies to the music of Chubby Checker?

a. The Jerk
b. The Mashed Potato
c. The Twist
d. The Watusi

7. Who was the charismatic and influential civil rights leader assassinated in 1965, known for his advocacy of nonviolent protest and racial equality?

a. Medgar Evers
b. Malcolm X
c. Martin Luther King Jr.
d. Fred Hampton

8. What was the nickname for the Vietnam War draft lottery?

a. Black Box
b. Number Ball
c. Green Card
d. Lottery Ball

9. Before smartphones, what did you use to take instant photos at parties?

a. Polaroid Cameras
b. Instamatic Cameras
c. Disposable Cameras
d. Film Cameras

10. What was the name of the iconic space shuttle that tragically disintegrated during launch in 1986?

a. Challenger
b. Discovery
c. Columbia
d. Endeavor

While reminiscing is fun, moving into a senior living community is just the start of a new and exciting chapter. At Winchester Gardens in New Jersey, our warm, welcoming atmosphere nourishes the seeds of friendship, where genuine connections blossom amidst shared experiences and laughter. Here, a compassionate staff becomes an extension of your family and your worries about future healthcare needs can be put at ease with the peace of mind provided by Springpoint’s Lifecare Program, freeing you to focus more time and energy on what brings you joy. Our social calendar vibrates with diverse activities such as:

    • Book clubs and lectures: Dive deep into literary worlds and expand your horizons with stimulating discussions and guest speakers.
    • Arts and crafts workshops: Unleash your inner artist, explore new mediums, and rediscover forgotten talents.
    • Fitness classes and outings: Keep your body moving and spirits high with invigorating programs and scenic nature walks.

Ready to swap the “Remember When?” for a vibrant lifestyle that suits your wants and needs? Contact Winchester Gardens today and discover the all-inclusive lifestyle awaiting you at our senior living community. 



  1. 1. (a) The Brady Bunch Kids
  2. 2. (a) Monopoly
  3. 3. (d) LEGO
  4. 4. (c) George Harrison
  5. 5. (a) The Jetsons
  6. 6. (c) The Twist
  7. 7. (c) Martin Luther King Jr.
  8. 8. (d) Lottery Ball
  9. 9. (a) Polaroid Cameras
  10. 10. (a) Challenger

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