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You Know You’re Ready for Independent Living When…

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Life doesn’t come with a handbook or a timeline that tells you precisely when certain milestones should happen. That leaves questions like when to move into independent living open for subjective consideration.

The upside to that conundrum is the ability to make the best choice according to your own unique and personal needs. The fact is, at least in our experience, there may not be a single definitive answer to the question of when you should think about moving into independent living. There are simply too many variables for a one-size-fits-all schedule.

If you’ve begun to question your timing, it could be a signal that a move is on your horizon. Here are some other signs you may be ready to sell your home and move into an independent senior living community:


You’re tired of routine home maintenance.

At one point, you may have taken great joy in maintaining your home and keeping an immaculate lawn. When the activities you once enjoyed feel more like a burden than a source of pride, it may be time for a change. As a resident of an independent living community like Winchester Gardens, you can forget about shoveling your driveway or keeping your lawn in tip-top shape and instead look forward to living maintenance-free, while someone else tackles the work. Having someone else keep tabs on the household chores gives you even more freedom to enjoy spending time the way you want.


You like the idea of a personal trainer and gym within walking distance.

Driving across town to reach the gym isn’t necessarily a hardship, but the idea of a well-appointed facility with a plethora of fitness classes at your fingertips is a pretty compelling consideration. A state-of-the-art fitness center and indoor heated pool are just two examples of the enticing fitness offerings at Winchester Gardens. A professional fitness instructor on staff is available for personal training, and group classes are offered nearly every day of the month so you can stay as fit and active as you like—all within a short walk from your front door.


You enjoy fine dining and late-night drinks with friends.

Regular chef-prepared meals are a way of life at Winchester Gardens. Executive Chef Wayne Ricco, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, specializes in savory traditional favorites and innovative recipes that blend techniques and flavors from around the world. You can see him at work at the dining room’s chef station, and after your meal, retire with friends to the lounge and bar for a nightcap. By day, the newly renovated Olmsted Courtyard is ideal for lingering over an al fresco brunch.  


You feel as though your social life could use a little nudge.

Let’s face it: Living alone can get downright lonely. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people within an independent living community means you never have to settle for solitaire when you’d rather be playing a hand of bridge or canasta. Your foursome will never come up short, and if you’d like some critical feedback on your latest artistic venture, you need only to make your way to the art studio where fellow creators congregate.


You would sleep better with a plan for the future.

Making plans for the future now, while you’re healthy and have ample options, is a smart way to approach the unknowns ahead. You don’t know what kind of health care you may need down the road, or how the hands of time may change your current situation. Especially if you choose a Life Plan Community like Winchester Gardens as your independent living home, you’ll have the assurance of priority access to a continuum of care for life. What’s more, making the move as a young retiree allows you to establish the community as your home, so no matter what the future brings, you’ll be able to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings.


Make the Move to Winchester Gardens

If you’re warming up to the idea of a comfortable senior apartment or villa now and access to additional care when you need it later, it’s time to visit us at Winchester Gardens. We’ll give you a private tour and introduce you to even more reasons, including a host of resort-like amenities, why a move to independent living could be the right choice for you.

Resources to help you make your move.

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