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A Holistic Wellness Program for You

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Wellness is defined as “the quality or state of being in good health, especially as an actively sought goal.” At Winchester Gardens, we offer a wellness program that allows our residents to thrive and actively work towards a healthy life. LivWell is a holistic approach that ensures all seven dimensions of wellness are addressed; physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and vocational. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the program by actively participating in activities that support and strengthen each of the seven dimensions. Keep reading to learn more about each of the seven dimensions of wellness and activities you can participate in right in our community.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness… and Ways to Achieve Them

1. Physical Wellness: Moving and making sure the body stays active is vitally important to the LivWell program, as keeping physically fit is essential to wellbeing and healthy aging. Eating a diet that includes all nutrients your body needs also influences your physical health.

In our community, take part in activities like Ask the Dietitian visits, Stand Tall Don’t Fall exercise program and aqua aerobics.

2. Intellectual Wellness: Learning and exploring new ideas drives you to be more mindful, curious and better-rounded. Plus, keeping the brain healthy and active reduces the risk of cognitive decline.

In our community, take part in activities like daytime documentaries, technology brain games and art classes.

3. Emotional Wellness: Sometimes life throws a curveball, but participating in activities that lift your mood helps you learn how to keep a positive outlook, reduce stress and increase optimism and emotional wellbeing.

In our community, take part in activities like support groups and Monday morning meditation.

4. Social Wellness: We, as humans, are social beings. Staying connected to your community is important for both physical and mental health.

In our community, take part in activities like happy hours, day trips to area attractions and special events.

5. Environmental Wellness: Connecting with the environment helps to center ourselves and come to a deeper appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us.

In our community, take part in activities like enjoying a stroll on our walking paths, recycling and gardening.

6. Spiritual Wellness: Exploring your beliefs allows you to discover what values are important to you and helps you find a sense of purpose.

In our community, take part in activities like discussions with our on-site community chaplains and non-denominational religious services.

7. Vocational Wellness: You’ve had unique experiences your entire life, and sharing talents and wisdom learned gives you a gratifying feeling of accomplishment.

In our community, take part in activities like serving on a resident committee and volunteer opportunities.

Of course, LivWell is all about choice. Although we recommended some activities in our community that highlight each dimension of wellness, it is entirely up to you what to participate in. As resident Jean Samson notes, “I know that no one is going to insist I take part in activities. They simply give me all the choices I could want.” Wellness is a journey, not a destination, and each person may choose to go down a different path. The important thing to keep in mind is to do what feels right to you and helps you achieve your optimal self.

Discover a Healthy Lifestyle Through Our Holistic Wellness Program at Winchester Gardens

At Winchester Gardens, our comprehensive, award-winning senior wellness program, LivWell, goes far beyond traditional senior living activities like fitness classes and Bingo. Recognized for innovation by Leading Age New Jersey, our LivWell philosophy is “to provide the opportunity to engage in experiences which support a high quality of life, personal choice, lifelong development and an optimal sense of well-being.”

The LivWell program’s advanced approach to whole person wellness is individualized, so you have the choice in how engaged you want to be within the community. As part of the new resident orientation, you create a unique profile that highlights your goals and interests. This profile allows you to focus on personal goals and make noticeable improvements in all seven dimensions of wellness.

Our entire LivWell staff undergoes specialized training and work hand-in-hand with residents to develop our programming, ensuring all residents enjoy an engaging, stimulating life full of activities that mean the most to them. The fact is people can grow stronger, healthier and more engaged in life at any age —it’s never too late!

How can the LivWell program benefit your health? Come visit us to learn more about how health and wellness is woven into everyday life in the community. Contact us today to schedule your personal tour.

You can also learn more about holistic wellness and our LivWell program by downloading our FREE guide: The 7 Dimensions of Wellness in Retirement. In this guide, we dig deep into holistic wellness, the 7 dimensions of wellness and what they mean, and Springpoint’s award-winning wellness program LivWell.

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