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How to Improve Brain Health

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Tips for Improving Brain Health

We all know that staying physically fit enhances our wellbeing. But how about working out your brain? Research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not. This shows that prioritizing a fit brain is vital for healthy mental aging.

A healthy, active brain leads to a more engaged and fulfilling life. Keep reading to find out a few ways you can participate in mentally stimulating activities at Winchester Gardens.

5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Fun, Healthy Brain Activities

  1. Play Games That Challenge Your Mind: Participating in card and board games with friends offers the competition and exercise your mind needs. Not only is this a time for social engagement, but regular card playing increases patience, concentration and strategy skills. Our weekly game meetings include Bridge and Canasta, but residents are always encouraged to grab a deck of cards and play in one of our many open community areas.
  2. Read a Good Book: Becoming engrossed in a story enhances connectivity in your brain and improves brain function. At Winchester, you have access to our community library, an educational hub filled with books and newspapers for your use. Here, you’ll stay on top of the latest current events and open your eyes to hundreds of different worlds presented by your favorite authors.
  3. Express Your Creativity With Art: Learning a new hobby engages your brain by improving memory and cognitive function, and artistic hobbies in particular increase hand-eye coordination, patience and creativity. Winchester hosts weekly classes in our art studio, giving you the chance to make something new and express yourself through drawing, painting and more. We even have a woodworking shop in our community, so you’re able to build, repair and practice your woodworking skills
  4. Eat a Healthy Meal: Our brain functions best when we choose a balanced diet, leading to protection from brain damage, proper brain development and improved memory. With wellness engrained in everything offered in our community, dining is no exception. Not only does our menu feature nutrients that fuel your brain – you’ll also enjoy how good healthy food can taste. Our chef adds special flair to every meal, resulting in a delicious, nutritious dining experience.
  5. Enhance Your Relationships: Connecting with your community is beneficial to your health in so many ways, including an increase in mental stimulation. In fact, studies show that positive relationships can help protect against memory loss. Residents Fred and Ruth Roessle appreciate the people they have met at Winchester Gardens and share, “We are fortunate to have made wonderful friends and stand in awe at their remarkable lives and accomplishments. We also consider our staff as part of our family and are grateful for their capable and friendly presence here.”

Learn How You Improve Your Brain Health at Winchester Gardens

At Winchester Gardens, we’re focused on helping you live the happiest, healthiest life you possibly can – and that includes ensuring a healthy mind. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.

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