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Hear from the Experts: Downsizing Your Home

happy senior couple packing cardboard boxes while moving to new house

Sometimes an experience in your life unlocks a passion you never knew you had. For Pnina Govrin, that experience was helping her mother move to a senior living community. With family spread out in different states, packing her old house and preparing for the new proved to be a burdensome task. A process that should have been a bonding experience instead garnered frustration due to little help from outside forces. As Pnina reflected on this experience, she realized moving services would have had an immense impact if they had been readily available. She called on her friend Brenda Gold to explore this idea, and before long, their company Downsize with Care was born.

Pnina and Brenda are moving and downsizing specialists who have been working with seniors since 2011. In partnership with Winchester Gardens, they offer comprehensive moving management services – from sorting through possessions to settling you in to your new home.

Making the Move for Secure Lifelong Senior Living

All too often, the moving process makes us feel overwhelmed. That’s where Pnina and Brenda come in. They don’t just live and breathe organization, it’s hard-wired in their DNA. When you work with Downsize with Care, you’ll start the process by going from room to room sorting through your belongings, deciding what things will be sold, donated, recycled or come along with you. Along the way, Pnina and Brenda will periodically ask you a vital question, “What things are most important to you?” Through this exercise, your best-loved treasures are chosen to fill your new home.

But don’t think their only intention is to clear out all of your things. Thanks to their numerous years of experience, Pnina and Brenda have a knack for understanding what items hold value, whether emotional or monetary. In one example, they found an unassuming dry-cleaning bag a man wanted to get rid of. When the two inquired about the contents, he replied, “Oh, just something I got in the army.” As it turns out, the man was a World War II veteran who had stormed the beaches of Normandy. The bag preserved his uniform, a spectacular article of clothing proudly displaying earned metals. Pnina and Brenda immediately knew this was something that needed to be kept, so they contacted his son who graciously accepted his father’s memento. They offer the guidance you need in making those all too important decisions.

When it comes to move-in day, Pnina and Brenda are with you every step of the way. They will guide the movers for the desired placement of items, making sure boxes and furniture go in the correct rooms. Once moved in, they will help you settle into your new home. Their goal is to create a warm environment, making sure your proud of your new residence.

Pnina and Brenda are intensely passionate about successfully completing a job, but the most rewarding experience for them is the chance to connect with those moving to Winchester Gardens and their families. They truly become close with those they work with, listening to stories and memories attached to certain belongings and holding your hand as you experience the emotional rollercoaster moving can take you through. In the end, they shared that their favorite part is watching, “The transition between being overwhelmed when we first walk in and seeing them overjoyed when we leave, and feeling like they’re home.”

Learn How Experts at Winchester Gardens Can Help You Downsize Your Home

Having worked with many residents at Winchester Gardens, Pnina and Brenda are happy to help in your move to our community. Contact us today to learn more and start the process of creating your new home.

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