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How Much Space Do I Need In My Senior Living Home?

When you make a transition to a new stage of life, you may find the amount of living space you once deemed essential is no longer necessary. In contemplating a move to a senior living home, many older adults discover the community’s amenities more than make up for the square footage they leave behind.


How Much Space Do You Really Need?

Many factors go into determining the senior living home size that will best suit your lifestyle. One is whether you’ll be joining the community alone or as a couple; a larger floor plan with room to spread out a bit is preferable for most couples. If you anticipate entertaining frequently and hosting overnight guests, an additional bedroom or sizable living space for a sleeper sofa will be necessary.

Your lifestyle and retirement plans may play a role in determining your senior living home size. A well-appointed one- or two-bedroom apartment is the ideal home size for a retiree who looks forward to frequent traveling. If you plan to bring a vehicle with you to your retirement community, a villa with private garage space and storage may be more to your liking.


Is Square Footage Just a Number?

Today’s senior living homes are thoughtfully crafted to maximize efficiency and storage in a modest footprint. That may mean you can fit all you want and need into a smaller senior living floor plan than you expect. One example is the Merion floor plan at Winchester Gardens. With a total living space of just 988 feet, it’s one of the smaller floor plans the community offers. Even so, this comfortable setup includes a spacious master bedroom, separate den, Florida-style sunroom, living and dining space, along with a fully functioning kitchen, well-equipped bath, and plenty of storage space.


How Amenities Expand Your Living Space

In a community like Winchester Gardens, a collection of exclusive amenities and services make it easy to forget there’s anything missing.


You won’t need a formal dining room or walk-in pantry in your senior living home if you’re looking forward to regular chef-prepared meals in The Oak Room, a newly expanded dining room at Winchester Gardens featuring an action station for demonstrations. With additional culinary options including casual dining, a lounge, and outdoor terrace, you’ll actually have more dining experiences to access than the typical private residence.

 Hobby and Craft Space

Residents at Winchester Gardens quickly discover there’s no need to maintain the space or keep up with the clutter of a messy hobby like crafting or woodworking. A fine art studio and handsomely outfitted woodworking shop are located within the community, so you can putter to your creative heart’s content.

 Fitness Facilities

Keeping in top physical shape is extra important as you age, but you won’t need to factor in a home gym when you’re determining your senior living home size at Winchester Gardens. Our state-of-the-art fitness center features equipment designed with senior workouts in mind and an indoor heated pool that’s ideal for lap swimming and low-impact water aerobics. Even better, our workout facilities provide residents with access to personal trainers and professional fitness instructors who can play an active role in your fitness journey.

 Maintenance-Free Living

In a home where you’re responsible for all of the housework, you may not even think about all the space you need to store cleaning supplies and maintenance equipment. Living in a maintenance-free community means you can say farewell to virtually all of it. You won’t need a mower or snow blower, and our team handles all of the landscaping throughout our beautiful community. Housekeeping and linen service is also included, so you can enjoy the freedom from those chores and forget about storing your dust mop and broom.


Find Your Fit at Winchester Gardens

When you find the right fit for your retirement future, you’ll know it. Our senior living homes are thoughtfully designed with ample space where you need it and the option to personalize upgraded finishes to suit your personal tastes. Schedule a tour to explore how our living options and upscale amenities will fit you just right.

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