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Benefits of Keeping Couples Together in Our Life Plan Community

Benefits of Keeping Couples Together in Our Life Plan Community

Importance of Keeping Couples Together in Our Senior Living Community

After building a life and raising a family together, you and your spouse are sure to be in sync in many important ways. Even so, unfortunately, there’s no good way to predict or plan for your health needs to evolve on the same schedule as you move into your retirement years.

In some cases, married individuals resist additional support from a senior living community that could improve their quality of life because they don’t want to leave a spouse behind. Another scenario is the loss of a spouse, which leaves the grieving survivor navigating a world of change—including the prospect of relocating to senior living so they’re not alone.

Either of these unfortunate circumstances can be prevented when the couple chooses to enter retirement living together, ideally while they’re both in good health and able to enjoy the perks of a well-deserved retirement lifestyle.

A couples-friendly Life Plan Community (also known as a continuing care retirement community) allows you to share the joy of the retirement lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve, secure in the knowledge that if one or both of you require a different level of care in the future, your needs can be met right there in the community you call home.

Numerous studies show that keeping couples together in retirement can be advantageous for their physical and mental health. In fact, the research supporting keeping couples together runs many parallels with the benefits of socialization for seniors. Research shows that compared with single people, married individuals tend to live longer, have lower risk of depression, and suffer fewer strokes and heart attacks.

What’s more, married people are also more likely to practice healthier behaviors, including eating better and making and keeping doctor appointments. For example, perhaps because of a spouse’s watchful eye and pressure to see a doctor when something seems amiss, married individuals are also less likely to have advanced cancer at diagnosis.

Aging comes with plenty of twists and turns, including injuries, illnesses, and other unexpected events. At Winchester Gardens, we understand how the companionship of a trusted partner at your side can be reassuring and comforting. That’s part of the reason our community offers many attractive features for married couples considering their retirement destination.

Ample space for two

If you’re wondering whether couples can stay together in a Life Plan Community, the answer is a resounding “yes!” As a couples-friendly Life Plan Community, Winchester Gardens offers numerous living options to suit your needs. With multiple independent living floor plans to choose from—several over 1,700 square feet—you can expect to find generous living spaces to enjoy together and extra space like a den or bedroom to use as a personal retreat, too. One- and two-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom villas give you plenty of options as you downsize from your family home into a more manageable, maintenance-free setting.

Customized care for each of you

While there are many housing options for retired couples, a couples-friendly Life Plan Community is uniquely suited to provide couples senior care services. As a Life Plan Community, Winchester Gardens offers compassionate care for elderly residents, including a new healthcare center to deliver a continuum of care for senior health. That means if one partner in your union develops a health condition or illness that requires a different level of care, you can both find the support you need right on the same campus. That includes assisted living for a little help with daily activities, short-term rehab following an illness or injury, long-term nursing care for more serious ongoing needs, and even memory care.

Amenities you’ll each appreciate

Sharing your retirement years doesn’t mean you’ll spend every moment together, unless you want to, of course. At Winchester Gardens, our robust selection of amenities and activities serve virtually any interest you can imagine, making this couples-friendly Life Plan Community an ideal choice. One of you might delight in spending a morning on the community’s putting green, while the other tinkers in the greenhouse or art studio. You might meet up for a midday meal on the terrace, then take an afternoon stroll and soak up some sun on the promenade deck. You’ll find an abundance of enriching moments to share, as well as plenty more that let you honor your own hobbies and desires.

Exploring a couples-friendly Life Plan Community is the best way to truly experience what it looks and feels like, so you can decide for yourself if this is a place where you can imagine happily enjoying your retirement years together. Contact us to schedule a tour of our stunning campus.

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