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Blending Seniors and Technology: Unlock the Benefits

A senior woman using a tablet in her retirement community

Did you know that four in ten seniors own a smartphone and more than two-thirds spend time online? In our digital age, older adults are more connected to technology than ever before because they’ve found the benefits in using it. Thanks to all the recent advancements, technology can be used for socialization opportunities, access to transportation and more. Below, we’ve listed several of the different benefits of technology for seniors.

4 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

  1. Mental Stimulation. There are many ways use technology for brain health without scrolling through social media or watching mindless television shows. You can download apps and play games such as logic puzzles and mind games on digital devices to increase mental stimulation. The internet is also at your fingertips to read up on any information you want – just type your question or topic into a search engine. Remember that there are a mix of reliable and unreliable sources online, so not everything is worthy of your belief.
  2. Socialization. Thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever to stay connected to our loved ones who are unable to frequently visit, whether it be through video chats, phone calls, text messages or social media. It can’t replace face-to-face interactions with our family and friends, but it can help with feelings of isolation.
  3. Increased safety. While we never like to think about the possibility of our safety being threatened, it’s nice to know that devices such as cell phones allow us to find help at the touch of a button. Technology advancements also give us access to personal monitoring device and other security tools that can track important metrics and offer peace of mind.
  4. Easy healthcare access and medical information management. Many healthcare providers now offer access to your medical information, whether it’s through an app or an online portal. These advancements allow you to track your appointments, look up past records and even send messages to your doctor. Being able to quickly access your medical history can be extremely beneficial, so ask your medical provider what digital services they offer.

Learn More About How Winchester Gardens Takes Advantage of Technology for Residents

Because technology has become such an interwoven part of our society, we at Winchester Gardens have made a point to leverage it for the benefit of residents. One way we’ve implemented technology into our communities is with Touchtown, our resident engagement platform. This innovative program allows all residents to stay connected to the goings-on of the community through the televisions in each room, a smartphone app or an Alexa device. Because everyone can quickly access the activities for the day, we’ve found that resident engagement has grown.

Learn more about how Winchester Gardens uses technology within our senior living community by contacting our team today.

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