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A Docu-Series Guide for Seniors

Do you love watching documentaries? Tuning in to non-fiction movies and TV shows can be a fun and educational experience. In addition, watching films offer many benefits to your mental health; researchers at the University College London, together with Vue Cinema, found out that those who care about movies experience a higher level of concentration, thanks to their temporary fixation on the film. Called ” focused watching,” this activity, in return, boosts cognition and memory.

Documentaries are real-life stories set in films. Unlike their fictional counterparts, documentaries help us see the world, breaking boundaries and languages and allowing our minds to expand as we discover life beyond what we usually experience. They can be about anything: stories about historical heroes and how they came to be, films about the planet and its vast natural beauty, narrations about surprising jobs—pearl diving, zookeeping, or just making pastries. You can watch documentaries about people or animals and have learned many things when the show is done.

What’s better than a documentary? A docu-series! The term “docu-series,” short for documentary series, refers to a television or streaming series that tells a non-fictional story over several episodes. Unlike a single documentary film, which typically covers a single topic in a finite amount of time, a docu-series can delve more deeply into a subject matter or follow a group of characters over an extended period of time.

Docuseries can cover a wide range of topics, including social issues, historical events, biographical profiles, true crime stories, and natural phenomena, among others. They often employ a mix of interviews, archival footage, reenactments, and narration to tell their stories. Some popular examples of docu-series include “Wild Wild Country” and “The Last Dance.”

Teachers use documentary films in many places across the country to introduce new ideas to learners, but don’t think of these as being “just for kids.” You’re never too old to enrich your mind with new information! With the advent of streaming services, you can watch your favorite films and even expanded series with greater ease and control than ever before. This multi-sensorial form of learning and amusement comes with many advantages to your brain, and here are some of them.

The Benefits of Watching Docu-series for Seniors

  • You learn new things. Introducing new information to the brain opens doors to more extended mental clarity. Re-watching the same program can rob our minds of further information by consuming what we already know.
  • It develops emotional intelligence. Watching docu-series also helps us develop empathy. Empathy connects us by allowing us to share our feelings. This, in turn, opens us up to society.
  • The usual things become extraordinary. Docu-series can also amaze and entertain you. These are not limited to historical retellings or coldly narrated movies—many docu-series feature larger-than-life stories that star extraordinary people. Here’sHere’s a chance to meet new personalities whose journeys are more interesting than fiction.
  • It helps stir the mind, too. When you watch documentaries, you’re not just consuming information but also analyzing them, weighing the truth, and filtering which ones you want to accept. Critical thinking is essential to the overall health of your brain, and the best way to use that is to consume shows that allow you to flex your mental muscle.

Types of Docu-series

Convinced in the power of docu-series for your mental wellness? Use this docu-series guide to pass the time and improve your critical thinking.

Travel-themed Docu-series. While nothing beats the joy of experiencing the world firsthand, there’s another way to enjoy it: watching travel-inspired docu-series right in your home. Who wouldn’t be amazed at picturesque backdrops, glorious ruins, stunning museums, and cultural relics that speak of the human race’s discoveries? Watch the Northern Lights, discover festivals, and learn about the local myths as you follow the narrator’s journey globally. One example? The hilarious jaunts of Somebody Feed Phil mash-up tours worldwide and some of their best eats.

Food-themed Docu-series. Craving for a new show to keep you satisfied? A food-themed documentary may just be what you’ve been searching for. Watch different chefs showcase their skills and follow them behind the scenes as they make their favorite plates. Watch baking shows, or discover new restaurants and food carts you should visit soon. Some of these also offer tips and tricks on how to cook better, too! The Chef Show joins Jon Favreau as he meets renowned chefs worldwide and cooks with them. Netflix’s Chef’s Table gives you an insight into what inspired famous chefs to choose their craft.

Nature-themed Docu-series. Have you ever wondered how animals survive at the North Pole? Or where do birds go during winter? How about a glimpse of what’s happening far beneath the ocean? Maybe even a trip across the stars? Nature documentaries open you to a world more significant than your neighborhood and care for the many other species that thrive on this planet. Seeing these animals survive in their ecosystem will make you marvel at the earth’s beauty. Netflix’s Our Planet makes you appreciate the world from all angles. Another hit: David Attenborough’s Life on our Planet.

Kindness-themed Docu-series. Nothing lifts the spirit better than the beauty of the human heart. It could be about amazing people trying to help build a community. This social experiment leads to paying kindness forward or pet owners cuddling with their favorite fur babies. These light-hearted series are a great way to lift the mood and put a smile on your face. One Kindness is Contagious, and The Rescue, where divers helped girls in Thailand trapped in a cave.

Of course, you can enjoy various types of docu-series and watch them according to your mood and preference. Historical and science-inspired docu-series are both inspirational and educational. The homebuilding docu-series will give you new ideas to improve your home.

How to Get the Most of Your Docu-series Viewing

Find the best hours to watch your docu-series. It could be late in the morning, afternoon, or evening before you go to bed. Bring in some healthy snacks as you tune in. The best way to enjoy it is to watch with an open mind and immerse yourself in this journey’s story. If you want to check facts, have your phone with you and list down the world you might want to research later. This will help you appreciate the story even more.

Finished your docu-series? You can always find another. Watching various documentaries helps you open up to many new learning experiences. If browsing through your subscription, you might want to list your favorite titles—or add them to your favorites. You can also ask your friends and family for suggestions.

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