How Much Do Continuing Care Retirement Communities Cost?

“Can I afford it?” is one of the most common questions we hear when having the first discussion about senior living options. Our community offers a variety of home sizes that are affordable for many budgets.

Our experienced team members will work with you to discuss your needs and identify the best plan for you. When you choose Winchester Gardens in Maplewood, NJ, your plan costs include both a one-time Entrance Fee and an ongoing Monthly Service fee.

Entrance Fee – The Entrance Fee is based on the size of your residence and number of occupants. The Entrance Fee secures your apartment home and guaranteed access to our onsite services.

Traditional or Refundable Options – With the Entrance Fee, you have the option of either a Traditional or Refundable fee. The Refundable Entrance Fee guarantees a return of a portion of your initial payment and is a great option if you wish to leave funds to your estate or if you may consider moving again at some point in the future. The Traditional Entrance Fee is ideal if you wish to pay a lower upfront amount and have already planned for your estate.

Lifecare – For those who wish for peace of mind for future long-term care costs, our Lifecare contract guarantees the full continuum of care you need at rates similar to what you would pay in independent living.

Monthly Service Fees – The Monthly Service Fees is a monthly fee covering your maintenance-free living costs, including housekeeping, interior and exterior maintenance, 24-hour security, all utilities, basic cable, local telephone calls, property tax cost and a multitude of services and amenities. Because the Monthly Service Fee covers the majority of your living expenses in a single check, it makes monthly expenses more predictable and financial planning easier.

2021 Fees – To give you an understanding of our pricing, below are examples of our starting Entrance Fees and Monthly Service Fees.

Our Traditional Entrance Fee Plan with a single occupant offers the lowest entrance fee and it guarantees the future care you need at rates similar to what you would pay in independent living.

  • One Bedroom: Entrance Fees start at $259,600 Monthly Service Fees start at $2,616
  • Two Bedroom:  Entrance Fees start at $305,500 Monthly Service Fees start at $4,114
  • Villa Home:  Entrance Fees start at $377,500 Monthly Service Fees start at $5,339

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Our team members are here and available to assist you. We’ll discuss your goals, preference, budget and any questions you might have in a personal, no obligation consultation. You’ll find the cost of living here compares favorably to the expenses you’re paying right now. In fact, dollar for dollar, you get a lot more comfort and pleasure at the Winchester Gardens.

Contact us so we can start to help you make the best, most informed decision for you.