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The Winchester Journal

How Retirement Communities Help Single Seniors Live High-Quality Lives

| 10/21/21

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As a single senior, you may enjoy the advantages of living alone. After all, you never have to fight for your turn with the remote, and the pizza always comes just the way you like it. However, that solitude may come at a price to your health.


By nature, humans are social creatures. That may explain why a growing body of research is drawing connections between social isolation and a host of physical and mental health concerns ranging from diseases like heart disease and diabetes to depression and cognitive decline.


Living in a retirement community is an alternative that offers single seniors the best of both worlds: a private independent living villa or apartment where you can enjoy your privacy and a vibrant neighborhood where you’ll discover plentiful options for social interactions that enhance your quality of life.


Fulfilling Ways to Enjoy Each Day

If you find yourself idly passing your days and longing for something more constructive to pass the time, you’re sure to appreciate the robust activity calendar at a community like Winchester Gardens. Whether you pop into a happy hour for some light-hearted banter with fellow single seniors or don your sneakers to get your blood pumping at a strength training class, you’re sure to find something that interests you every day. Special events, like a dinner outing to a restaurant nearby or jaunt to the city for a theatrical performance, give you something to look forward to.


New Friendships to Discover

Once you leave the workforce behind and dear friends grow busy with their own families, keeping up social ties isn’t as easy as it once was. Living in a neighborhood with dozens of other single seniors puts you at a physical advantage for meeting new people. What’s more, by taking part in scheduled activities and utilizing community amenities (like Winchester Gardens’ art studio or woodworking shop), you’re likely to find others who share your personal interests. That’s often the best kind of foundation for a treasured lifelong friendship.


More for Your Body and Mind

When you make your home in a senior living community, chances are good that you’ll pay more attention to your overall wellness than you would living alone. Single seniors typically don’t have the same ongoing exposure to wellness programming that community residents do. For example, at Winchester Gardens, an award-winning program that focuses on whole-person wellness. Through LivWell, we create a custom profile for each resident based on their interests and wellness goals. Using this information as a guide, we work with residents to choose how they’ll engage in a wide range of enriching activities, including programs that encourage socialization for seniors and other opportunities to learn and grow.


Positive Peer Pressure

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge to get up and moving or make healthier choices. Living alone, there’s no one to motivate you to turn off the tube and take a walk to appreciate the simple joy of fresh air and sunlight. Likewise, at any age, having a workout buddy makes fitness more fun. Seeing the camaraderie among your neighbors is a powerful motivator to build your own connections and ease the loneliness you may experience as a single senior.


A Lower Stress Load

Age brings plenty of worries. Declining health and future unknowns can weigh you down. As a single senior, you might wonder what will happen if you get sick or hurt yourself. If you’re a resident of a Life Plan Community, also known as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), you have the security of knowing someone is watching out for you, and you can access emergency help 24 hours a day. You also have peace of mind knowing that if your health changes in the future, you’ll have access to the care you need right there within your community.


Your Warm Welcome is Waiting

Live your best single life by experiencing everything Winchester Gardens has to offer. Arrange a visit to tour our stunning campus and explore all the luxury amenities that will make you feel right at home. Live your best single life by experiencing everything Winchester Gardens has to offer.