Guide to Senior Living Options

When you make your home at a Life Plan Community, you will move into an exciting new life, with more friends, more fun and less worry. But with so many choices in location, lifestyle, services and more, how will you know which Life Plan Community to choose? When deciding, here are a few important points to keep in mind.

Type of living accommodation — Life Plan Communities most commonly offer apartment-style living, with sizes ranging from studios to large two-bedrooms, all in a variety of floor plans. Many communities now offer freestanding homes as well, with more space and privacy and full access to all the activities and amenities that the community offers.

Services and amenities offered — When choosing your future home, you want to be sure it is a good match for how you like to live and what you like to do. Most Life Plan Communities offer a full range of social, educational and cultural activities. These can include things like art classes, lectures and learning, musical performances and more. A range of fitness activities are generally available as well, and may include amenities such as an indoor pool and fitness complex.

In most Life Plan Communities, dining is a social highlight of the day. You may want to check if the hours are convenient, what types of foods are offered and whether special dietary needs such as low-sodium or kosher meals can be accommodated.

Lifestyle — When visiting a Life Plan Community, it is important to consider compatibility with the residents and staff members you meet. Is there enough common interest and background to develop relationships and feel at home in this community? Is the community a good fit for your personality and lifestyle?

Some Life Plan Communities are large complexes with several thousand residents, while others are small and intimate with just a few dozen. Is the size of the community the right fit for you? Do staff members demonstrate professionalism and convey a sense of warmth in their interactions with residents and each other? If residents are happily interacting with one another and the staff, this is a very good sign.

Reputation & Financial Stability — A move to a full-service retirement community is an investment in your future. That’s why it is important to be sure the community you choose is on strong financial footing. For example, is the community established, with a long history of success? Is it backed by a large organization with stability and strength?

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